January 27, 2015

This time last year, our son Theo became obsessed with making bracelets out of rubber bands. For those people who don’t have young children, this may sound odd, but one of last year’s biggest toy crazes in the U.S. (and beyond apparently) was loom bands. Theo and many of his friends – mostly girls – spent hours at a time weaving colorful little rubber bands into bracelets with the most amazing patterns. We bought Theo a Rainbow Loom and watched in wonder as he not only mastered the designs in the instruction book but then went on to teach himself increasingly complex designs using Youtube videos. My husband David and I were so excited by this burst of creativity that we bought him an extra loom, literally thousands of tiny bands, and a large case to organize them in. Gradually they took over the coffee table and little rubber bands turned up in every corner of the house, once even on one of the cats.


Sadly, though, all crazes burn out, and Theo hasn’t made loom band bracelets for a few months now, except one stunning turquoise and black bracelet pictured above. I begged him to give me that one! Despite his current lack of enthusiasm, the rubber bands, extra looms and containers filled with bracelets and charms occupied a whole large drawer of our coffee table – valuable real estate in our living room. So this week, I tidied the drawer and today I asked him if he would like to give our neighbor Diana, a lovely girl two years younger his junior, one complete loom set. He not only said yes, but was so keen to take it to her that he didn’t put his shoes on and walked down the street in his socks! Diana’s mother is a fashion designer and she is already showing great style and an interest in making accessories. She seemed delighted to receive this from Theo, who has not always been a great friend to her. Seeing the pride and pleasure Theo took in passing along such a meaningful toy to a friend, and joining me in my daily giveaway, was a gift I hadn’t expected today.


2 thoughts on “January 27, 2015

  1. Ok I think we should all jump on the giving away bandwagon like theo has! I’m working my way through the house one cupboard at a time. As yet no interesting stories though. But you have definitely inspired me!


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