February 16, 2015

So today was apparently a holiday – Presidents’ Day here in the US, a day we set aside to remember the hard work and accomplishments of presidents Lincoln and Washington. Schools are out and many people have the day off from work, so I’m sure it does feel like a holiday for some. However, I have trouble thinking of these days as holidays, as they are among my most exhausting, confusing days, especially when they follow a weekend. Today I managed to sneak out for an early morning walk but after I returned home, my day was devoted to helping Theo with his math homework, organizing play dates, which are rarely straightforward, helping him download a new video game, buying a new base plate for his Lego, figuring out what to do about meals (fortunately, we went out for lunch so I didn’t have to cook – yay!), feeding the cats and hanging new curtains. All of this and I had to write an article, correct edits for another, find a performer for an event next week and begin thinking about my lecture two days from now. And write my blog. I’m not feeling terribly rested really.


The last few minutes have finally felt calm and quiet, though, as Theo is now sitting on the couch laying video games with his friend Harry, our neighbor who is a year younger than Theo but is a very smart, chatty and funny companion, and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. As I write, I hear snippets of their dialog – “Don’t kill that chicken, he’s my pet!” and “Can you come into my world now?” phrases that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense normally but are vitally important in their playful interaction. Today I gave Harry a book that should appeal to an 8-year old, Kids’ Book of Gross Out Facts & Feats. When he goes home, he’ll be able to shock and disgust his parents about all the germs living in their mouth and the dust mites in their beds. Sorry, Patty and John! Hopefully this evening, we’ll have a few hours to cuddle up together in our living rooms and have a few relaxing hours while the holiday lasts. Then it’s back to “work” tomorrow.


1 thought on “February 16, 2015

  1. Harry can’t stop reading this book! Not only is it filled with “gross” facts, but there are lots of interesting facts about nature and animals. Kids love having this kind of info. Thanks so much!


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