March 7, 2015

We are not parents who believe in over-scheduling our child. We did it one term and it was exhausting and unproductive for all of us. Right now, along with the karate, Theo only goes to a couple of other activities a week. One is a guitar class that he is doing with his dad, David, on Saturday mornings at the Bloom School of Music. His teacher is a very cool-looking twenty something with longish brown hair, a generous smile and skinny jeans. Theo took to him right away. Last week David went with Theo to buy a small guitar after class and today, because David is out of town, I took him to class. Theo too was wearing his skinny jeans, had slung his guitar over his back and had donned a nifty little black hat. He looks the part indeed. I’m hopeful that guitar lessons will click for him as we didn’t get too far with the keyboard, and we got nowhere at all with the bongos (and I wonder why we end up with so much stuff!). The bongos, sadly ended up packed away in the little burlap bag they came in because one day last year I discovered a hole in one of them. No one knows how it got there. Theo doesn’t remember damaging them and the cats can’t talk, so we will never now who put it there. I took the drums with me to the Bloom School and offered them to the school for their toddlers to bang on in their music appreciation class. They will get plenty of use out of them and won’t have to worry about treating them too well.


Much later in the day, I stopped off at Pinkberry with Theo and we parked next to a black car that was awkwardly parked slightly in our space. Theo had taken his shoes off and I was crouched down trying to tie his laces so we could hurry into Pinkberry, when I realized someone was trying to get out of the black car, and I was blocking his way. I said, “sorry,” finished tying Theo’s shoes and then got out of the way. When we got into Pinkberry, there wasn’t a long line, but I instantly recognized a woman standing in line – Angelina Jolie. The man I had been blocking getting out of his black car was Brad Pitt. The few other people in line were clearly excited to be sharing space with Hollywood royalty but were being very respectful. A couple asked her if they could have a picture with her. She was polite and warm and agreed to a couple before they rushed back out with their son, who was clearly the reason they’d stopped for frozen yoghurt. Theo didn’t realize who they were until I explained they were just about the most famous couple in the world. When I told him she was Maleficent, his eyes became huge as he realized.

As was typing the first, non-celebrity studded, part of this blog, Theo shouted out to me from the living room, “Mommy, I wonder if Angelina Jolie reads your Giveaway blog.” Sweet boy.


2 thoughts on “March 7, 2015

  1. I love that they went to our Pinkberry! About 20 years ago, i saw Brad Pitt at the Mexico City restaurant in Los Feliz. I had a friend visiting from Philly, and it just secured the common belief that Angeles regularly see famous people. That may have been my last star sighting.


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