April 12, 2015

Today wasn’t a terribly sociable day. A friend stopped by in the morning, then we hung out mostly at home in the morning. For lunch, we went to a rotating Japanese sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo and then Theo took an extra karate class and stopped by the toy store. It wasn’t a dull day, but it didn’t include a lot of opportunities for giving things away, mainly because I was low on energy and imagination. I used what little I had of both of those qualities to get through those family activities and to write an article that is due tomorrow. I also had to get ready for tomorrow, a day that will begin very early (5am) because Theo’s class is flying up to Sacramento for a 4th grade field trip. I’m tagging along.

All this to say that, come 7pm, I had not given anything away. Luckily, from my desk I can see into the garden and I had a perfect view of a rosemary plant that I had pulled out and transplanted into a small pot during an energetic moment yesterday. Aha, I thought! Perhaps I can perform an act of guerilla giving with this plant. So, I scribbled a “Free Rosemary” sign (strangely enough, not actually the first one of those I’ve ever made!), took the sign and the potted plant up the stairs to the top of our garden and through the gate onto the street above our property. I placed it in a spot that is visible to both pedestrians and cars and headed home, deed done. Not the most riveting story of giving, but probably my most fragrant so far. I can still smell the rosemary on my hands…



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