April 20, 1015

Today I gave a cute little something to a cute little girl. The cute little something was a clip-on felt owl. The cute little girl was Goldie, a girl in Theo’s class who hasn’t necessarily been one of Theo’s friends, but I’ve always liked. They have been in the same class on and off since kindergarten, and so I’ve got to know her enough to know that she’s very bright, friendly and polite and keen to try new things. In fact, it seems that this trait runs in her family. The last time I saw her older brother, George, he was learning Japanese and the bagpipes. Having been raised in Scotland and chosen to study Japanese culture, I was, of course, impressed! Now, Goldie, is also up for a challenge, and I put this to the test last Monday, when I joined Theo’s class on their field trip to Sacramento. On the bus ride from venue to venue, Theo was sitting beside a buddy (much cooler than sitting next to his mum, I guess). I was going to sit with my friend Melissa, who’s son was also on the trip, but when we go to the back of the bus, I saw that Goldie was sitting alone and looking a bit glum. I remembered how it was to be the odd one out in elementary school when friends partnered up, so I asked her if she’d like some company for the ride and she cheered up right away. I told her I had some origami paper in my bag and suggested we might try to fold something if the ride was long. I was surprised at how excited at the suggestion, but she reminded me that she’d missed both the origami classes I’d taught this year, so it seemed perfect that we were to sit together. For some of the trip, we chatted and ate snacks, and I taught her how to make the water bomb or ball. She picked it up right away, and made some in different colors. Later, at the airport, when our plane was delayed and I whipped out my emergency origami with which to entertain a group of the kids, she rushed to my side and became my assistant, sharing her newly learned skills with her classmates.


Today, when I went to school to pick up Theo, I spotted Goldie sitting waiting for her ride. I had the idea to give her one of the goodies in my purse. I pulled out the little owl clip and handed it to her as a thank you for being such a good companion in Sacramento. Now, just in case you’re reading this, Goldie, what is the connection between the owl and the female figure on the California State Seal? I know you’ll figure it out…Other readers are welcome to try too!


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