May 2, 2015

When Steve and Teresa invited us to their “Big Fight” party this eve, I wasn’t so much excited about the “fight” as I don’t like boxing. Nor was I excited at the idea of drinking, as I don’t think I can while I’m using the steroid inhaler to keep my airways open. No, I was thrilled to be getting out and going to a party with great people. It’s been a while since we socialized properly as a family. We’ve been sick, possibly contagious, or just exhausted, for weeks now, so it’s great to have a chance to go out and mingle. Especially with Steve and Teresa, a wonderful couple we have known for the last five years or so since Theo and their daughter Zofia were in kindergarten together.

Steve, is an educational reformer who has worked for the last twenty years as the founder of an L.A. Charter school organization called Green Dot Public Schools and more recently Future is Now Schools, an organization that helps schools to reform from within. While most of us parents complain about the failings of our education system and do the best we can on a micro level for our children, Steve spends his days (and many nights too probably) working to change the system. His intelligence, passion and energy are inspiring. Teresa is no less impressive. A mother of two (who used to work in radio and is also an amazing singer) with a husband who is often out of town for work, Teresa recently completed her teaching credentials, and her bright, warm personality and many talents will soon be unleashed on a high school in Los Angeles.


An evening with Steve and Teresa is so enjoyable in part because they are such interesting, dynamic people, but also because though they work hard, they also know how to relax and enjoy life too, something I need to work on more, and am certainly craving at the moment. To honor their adventurous, fun-loving spirits, I chose to give them a Japanese sake set, a gift that they could enjoy together. I’ve also offered to give them a little seminar on sake the next time we get together – hopefully soon – and they give me some pointers on relaxing and having fun!


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