May 27, 2015

Today I had my youngest Giveaway, to a little fellow who was born about 3 months ago. My friend Cheryl’s daughter had a baby boy Emil, and I finally met him today now that I am almost back to normal after my nasty whooping cough. A cute little guy with a sweet round face and bright eyes, Emil was a bit sleepy but was nonetheless very sociable, and gave me a couple of great smiles that reminded me of my son Theo at three months old – a magical time for babies, when their heads stop wobbling about and they fix their eyes on you or other interesting things around them and give you the best smiles. Cheryl, who looks after him regularly to help out her daughter and son-in-law, is clearly entranced by the little lad, and he is extremely lucky to have a grandmother like Cheryl who will shower him with love and attention. That’s what the best grandmothers do. It’s what my mother and my husband David’s mother would have done if they’d lived long enough to become grandmothers. I will always feel sad that Theo hasn’t experienced a grandmother. My mother’s mother died when I was one, and my father’s mother sadly didn’t really know how to be kind and loving. I had hoped my own child would have at least one grandmother. I didn’t have grandfathers in my life either, as my father’s father died when I was one too and I only remember meeting my mother’s father once, when he visited from Iran. I was always a bit jealous of friends who had lovely, kind grandparents who played with them and brought them toys. Luckily, Theo has two grandfathers who love him dearly – one from a distance and one just across town.


Cheryl is too young to be Theo’s grandmother, but a couple of years ago we unofficially “adopted” her, and she has played a role in his life somewhere between an auntie and a grandmother. She always brings him goodies and shows a great interest in his life, always asking him what he’s into and often suggesting fun things we can all do together. I am so happy for Cheryl now that she has a little grandson to dote upon and it is actually neat that Theo is now old enough that we can pass along some of his toys and books to Emil. Today, I brought one of his old pop-up books to give Emil. In a couple of years’ time he will enjoy the book. For now, he is having tons of fun getting to know his loving mom and dad, his adorable dog, his house full of fascinating objects, and of course his devoted grandma Cheryl.


1 thought on “May 27, 2015

  1. This is so very sweet. Thank you, Meher! I’m so glad you got to meet THE boy and we got to catch up a bit. Emil did have a good poop just after you left (I think a compliment) and hopes you come again maybe after a good poop so we can have more fun.


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