June 2, 2015

Last Friday afternoon, my son Theo reported to me that he had had his best morning ever that day. For a second, I was a little sad because he had been at school this “best morning ever” hadn’t included me, but once I’d got over my initial disappointment, I wanted to hear more. Apparently, after the kindergarteners had finished their performance for the school’s International Week, the school’s resource specialist Mr. Bird had got up on stage with the school’s dad band and sung the Coldplay song, A Sky Full of Stars, which is one of Theo’s favorite songs. It wasn’t just that he sang the song, but after a couple of verses of it, he invited all the students to get up and dance to it. This was the first time Theo had experienced a whole school full of people dancing, and it was clearly a magical moment – one he may indeed remember for the rest of his life. Later we saw the video that our friend Patty showed us of the performance (because her husband John is in the dad band), and it was indeed special. Not just the music, but Mr. Bird’s hilarious commentary between the verses and his comedic interactions with the other dads on stage. (He is also a dad at the school, and his son is in Theo’s class). But it was neat to see footage of the kids throwing themselves into the music.

Today my husband David and I met with Mr. Bird, Theo’s teacher and a school psychologist because we’ve been concerned about his lack of motivation and focus at school. It was a helpful meeting and we all seem to be on the same page about the extra help that Theo might need to attain his potential. Mr. Bird in particular, was extremely helpful. Mixing wit with warmth, and adding the perspective of both a teacher and a fellow parent, he was able to give us the reassurance we need that the school will do its best for our little fellow. After the meeting, I asked Mr. Bird for another minute. I told him about my Giveaway and explained that I wanted to give him something as a thank you for giving Theo his “best morning ever.” It was a yellow Lakers t-shirt that Theo had been given at a Lakers game David took him to last year. Theo will never be big enough to wear it and Mr. Bird is a tall man with an interest in sports (as well as kids’ special ed, music and comedy!), so it seemed like it might fit.


Right now, as I type this, Theo is sitting in his room playing a video game on his device (he had spent the whole day without a screen, I want to point out!). Every few minutes I can hear him singing to himself, “You’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars…” and somehow, I am filled with the feeling that he will be all right.


4 thoughts on “June 2, 2015

  1. Meher, I am so happy for you and David and Theo!!! So glad that everthing is working out. Mr. Birdie rocks on so many levels! !


  2. What a wonderful, heartwarming blog today. Makes me smile. I might just add again that I think Theo might really enjoy dance. I’ve witnessed glimpses of him being a natural. Today’s blog confirms…


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