June 27, 2015

Linda’s hands understand me. They sense my pain and my tension, and though they are petite they are powerful, able to apply many pounds of pressure to knots between muscles that need to be pressed and rubbed and melted away. They are also kind and caring, resting for patient, thoughtful seconds on my shoulders, my neck, my back to reassure me that she is still there and still working on me. She’s just letting the muscles have a moment to realize they don’t have to tense up anymore – they can let go. All is well now.

I have been going to Linda for massages very irregularly for a few years now. She was recommended to me by my friend and former chiropractor Cheryl (see January 5 and May 27). Linda has a massage therapy business with a great name, Why Knot?, and, although I usually know what makes my muscles knot, I still haven’t figured out why I don’t get massages from her more often? She is kind, talented and works fairly close to our home. She is affordable and gives half-hour sessions as well as one-hour sessions, so I really should make more time for her massages. They are not a luxury, as I once thought, but a therapy that can relieve pain, make me a happier person and potentially save lives. In the last week or so, my neck has been so tight that I haven’t been able to turn my head properly when backing out of parking spaces and have almost hit a few people. This can’t continue.

I had been desperate foe a massage for the last week and called Linda this morning to see if she had a slot free today. Mercifully she was able to squeeze me in and at 1pm I was lying face down on her table surrendering to her healing hands. Now, because we are friends on Facebook, I know that her hands also work magic with flowers. Her floral arrangements (“fleurals”, as she calls them), which remind me of Sogetsu school ikebana arrangements, are self-taught, exquisite and occasionally whimsical. Today, I gave her a glass vase containing some lovely flowers (purple Duranta erecta “Sapphire Showers” and orange Lantana) from our garden, in appreciation of her multi-talented and magical hands.



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