July 14, 2015

There are days when everything feels like an effort, a responsibility, a commitment, a chore. Today was one of those days, maybe because of post-vacation tiredness, or the anti-climax of being back home after an adventure, or wobbly hormones or maybe just the pile of laundry and empty fridge that I faced when I woke up. The last two alone are usually enough to make me grumpy, but today all of them converged so that I moved slowly from one room to another, navigating through the fog in my overtired brain completing one task after another.

I had to take my son Theo’s computer to be cleaned up, deliver him to his math center and make sure my brother Alan, who is staying with us, had something enjoyable to do while all this was going on. So, I drove us to Isidore Recycling near Downtown LA (see January 17 and March 11), where they repair computers, and left Theo’s computer there. I also dropped Alan there so he could explore the area and photograph the incredible graffiti that covers many of the warehouse walls there. I then drove Theo to his math learning center, Mathnasium, and left him there for an hour while I ran over to Target to buy some new underwear for Theo, towels and food to replenish the fridge. Then back to pick up Theo and back to pick up Alan and then home with both of them in time for Alan to be picked up by a friend for the rest of the day. After I fixed a quick lunch for Theo, his pal Lucca came over for the afternoon. So I now had time for the laundry, take out the trash, try to save some of the fruit trees that are dying in our back yard, feed our neighbor’s dog, and then start to think about dinner. Today, I didn’t write an article, work on an exhibition proposal, craft the labels for the exhibition I’m supposed to be curating, or do any of the research I’d like to be doing on Japanese gardens. Today, I was Mom – and not the happy, fun mother I can sometimes be, but Grumpy Mom, weighed down by tiredness and duty and chores.

After dinner, I needed time for me, for exercise, for my blog and just to be alone and chore-free for an hour or so. My husband David took over and made sure Theo practiced his music while I tried to choose something for my Giveaway. I figured my best bet was a “Guerrilla Giveaway” this evening, leaving a gift for a stranger along my walk. None of the books, toys or knickknacks seemed appropriate so I went over to the pile of CDs sitting on the floor by my desk. Last week I bought myself a CD tower that holds 100 CDs thinking it should be enough for my collection, but to my horror I discovered that I have about 20 extra, so they have to go. I sifted through the 20 extra – some classical, a couple of Celtic music, and a few soundtracks. Which would work best for today? I wondered. Then I saw it. The Commitments. Ha! I grabbed it and headed for the door, eager to leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up and lighten my load, literally and metaphorically, even just a little.



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