July 28, 2015

I didn’t venture far from home today as I had to keep working on exhibition labels, and I’d arranged a playdate for my son Theo and a buddy Lucca all afternoon. So, we were all cooped up in the house most of the day, each staring at one screen or another. I hammered away my laptop, while Theo and Lucca figured out how to play Minecraft together on two separate screens connected via a server, technology that’s probably out of my reach but they navigate with ease. Not the healthiest of afternoons, for sure, but with my work deadline looming and July heat making it hard for the boys to play outside, I gave in to the power of the screens, for today anyway…

This evening, my neck and shoulders are tight and my eyes are feeling dry after my afternoon of writing. Theo, of course, is still full of energy! Chores have been neglected though. The fridge is looking empty because I haven’t ventured out to buy food for a few days. Luckily, we’ll be getting a delivery of fruit and veggies tonight from the company Farm Fresh to You, which I started using recently to make sure I have fresh, organic produce delivered to the house every two weeks. The service costs a little more but the produce actually tastes better, I can customize my box and I can give back the plastic packaging for them to re-use. And, the delivery saves me a trip to the grocer’s once a fortnight, and for that I am very thankful. This evening, I am feeling particularly grateful for being spared the trip.

I usually leave their cardboard box outside the front door full of the plastic clamshell containers the fruit came in. This evening, I decided to leave a little gift inside the box for the person making the delivery. Covering perhaps the shortest distance ever for one of my Giveaways, I opened the front door and placed a carved gourd inside one of the clamshells with a note saying, “Thanks for the delivery!” Hopefully, not having to schlep out to the store this eve will help me rest this evening. Maybe tomorrow, I will be feeling as fresh and healthy as the produce I pull out of the box in the morning.



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