July 29, 2015

I didn’t make a big Giveaway today.

Instead I gave some odds and ends away.

They weren’t gifts really, just odds and ends

That I offered today to my family and friends.

I gave a blue bikini top to my lovely niece,

Though she’s more likely to wear a more decent one-piece.

Or one of those swim t-shirts that kids all seem to wear

To make sure that none of their skin goes bare.

For the last few days I’ve had a sore back,

So I saw my chiropractor, who fixed it with a crack.

Her treatment gave me all the relief I need.

So I left some magazines for waiting patients to read.


Later, Theo’s piano teacher came to give him a class

With stickers, she marks each song he plays as a pass.

I’ve been saving sheets of stickers to contribute to her pile.

Because hearing my son playing music always makes me smile.

Now, none of these things was really special at all,

But it still feels good to give away, even something small.


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