August 10, 2015

We loved Seattle when we visited the city in May of this year. It’s a city that has everything: spectacular scenery, plenty of culture, great food and coffee and a chocolate factory. As we drove and walked through the various leafy neighborhoods, we imagined what it might be like to live there – in a place with plenty of moisture, where you don’t have to worry about saving water when you shower, where you can enjoy the sound, smell and feeling of rain more than 5 or 6 times a year! Sure, it would be way more than 5 or 6 times a year, but how lovely it would be to be guaranteed so much greenness. And seasons, distinct seasons which require you to change clothes completely, and not switch from flip-flops to Ugg boots with your shorts. Although I love living in Los Angeles, I can see why people might grow tired of the continuously warm, dry climate, the expensive houses, the dependence on cars. I’m not at that point myself, but I can see why many people pack up their homes and move to places like Seattle.

That’s what my husband David’s cousin Leslie and her husband Scott have done. The decision was fairly quick apparently. Leslie is a nurse and although she loves her work, she had recently been putting in 100-hour weeks. It hit her that she was forgetting to enjoy her life. She decided she wanted a change – a change of pace and a change of place, preferably to one by the sea. Scott works in internet sales and is able to work from home. He was up for a change and a new adventure together. He had spent much of his childhood in Seattle, so when they discussed the idea of moving, Seattle was the top contender. Once they decided on Seattle, they didn’t mess about. Within a matter of a couple of months, they had found a house in Seattle, bought it, sold their own house in LA and packed up all their stuff. They are flying out next week and are simultaneously excited and terrified, which is how we feel at the start of all our greatest adventures.

Today, we joined the rest of Leslie’s family in a little gathering to wish them all the best for their move and their new life in Seattle. The setting was a perfect goodbye to Los Angeles, a party outside beside the pool. A local coyote even strolled by as if trying to remind them of what they might miss when they leave. I wanted to give them something that might be useful in their new life in cooler climes. Leslie and Scott love to cook and they are excellent at it. Hopefully, her new life will allow her more time to explore food adventures too. Today, I gave them a soup cookbook, one that I have used only a few times, as it’s often just too hot to cook soup here. On colder days, I hope they enjoy consulting its pages and – no, I didn’t choose this book as a set-up for this horrible pun – never find themselves Soupless in Seattle!



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