September 13, 2015

At 10pm, I dropped off the book Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, a book by Tom Angelberger in the Origami Yoda series in the Little Free Library near our son Theo’s school. I was so unimpressed by this Giveaway that I decided to make it a little more interesting by sneaking in three pairs of lightly used boys’ socks in the hope that the next person who looks in there happens to have a son younger than mine who need more socks! You never know, right?

I think the ridiculous heat of the last few days and the sleep deprivation from a few nights of coughing are getting to me. Origami book and socks in a box. Oh well. Best my fried and frazzled brain could manage this evening. To make up for today, if there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t been given something, let me know asap and I’ll send you something tomorrow. And I promise it won’t be socks!



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