October 4, 2015

I left today’s Giveaway at my local Little Free Library – with the aim of spreading a positive, encouraging message about giving from someone much more powerful than myself…

I recently finished a book just called Giving

By one of the most famous Americans living.

Bill Clinton was, of course, a US President,

But since then his life has been very well spent.

He worked with others and sometimes alone

To help those with lives less blessed than his own.

Though rich, his approach is far from greedy;

His foundation gives aid to the sick and the needy.

And he encourages others to join in the goodwill,

Giving money, time, things, ideas or skills.

Positive thinking can cause culture shifts.

So today this inspiring book was my gift.

Gift box / present or christmas gift hand close up. Decorative gift box tied with a turquoise ribbon and bow carefully cupped in female hands as she gives a surprise present to a loved one. Isolated.


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