October 20

I’m always looking for the perfect shoe,

A comfy fit with some style too.

The shoes I find that look quite sweet

Inevitably hurt my feet.

But if they’re comfy and fit well,

They often tend to look like hell.

I’ve got some boots that look just fine,

But they don’t work in this sunshine.

So my closet’s full of “not-quite-right,”

Shoes a little loose or a bit too tight.

Of party shoes that I rarely wear,

And frumpy shoes that say “I don’t care.”

Today I gave away two pairs

That made me stumble on the stairs.

And another that were really chunky,

And made my feet look kind of funky.

I gave them to my fave thrift store

And told myself to buy no more.

My closet has more room now too…

It’s ready for the perfect shoe.



2 thoughts on “October 20

  1. Many a time when Meher buys new shoes
    Relieved, no more will she need additional footwear to pursue
    As she proclaims with joy that these are the perfect look and fit
    But as her poem reveals, with time they sometimes turn out to be not such a big hit
    (this rhyming thing ain’t easy)

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