November 8, 2015


…today I walked along the lake in the morning, colored my hair, watched only one episode of Glee with my son Theo, spent an hour or so working on my book, made some cookies, went for a lovely lunch and dessert and then game of mini-golf with my husband David, son Theo, sister Roshan and niece Kaia and then came home, had dinner and watched a sweet movie together about a young man who wanted to be writer – a good day, indeed, one in which I’d say quite a few things were accomplished, unlike yesterday, but in the midst of all that relaxing and bonding I failed to make a decent Giveaway, and so here I am at 10pm feeling bad because all I could think of was leaving three more little cookbooks in the Little Free Library – my trusty default – in the hope that they might be useful to someone as we approach the Holidays, and that tomorrow I’ll be able to balance my life and my Giveaway better and write a blog that is more than one sentence long!


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