November 18, 2015

This morning I could see the finish line right up ahead. I was hoping to finish the text of my contemporary origami book and send it off to the publisher today, but for some reason around the middle of the day, I just ran out of steam. I had finished up my essays about the 25 artists I’m featuring in the book and was planning to write the introduction to the book today, but partway through the introduction, I couldn’t write anymore. I had to stop for the day with my task uncompleted. I was bummed. I know I can probably finish it tomorrow morning, but I can’t help wishing I’d had the strength to finish it today. It was one of those moments I could have done with superpowers, like a Marvel or DC comic book character – Mega Brain or Writer-Fighter maybe. Just plain Wonder Woman would work too.

So, I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, helping our son Theo with his homework, and then watching tv. Mindless stuff. Hardly super-heroic. When it came to my Giveaway, I surveyed the contents of the back of my car and decided on one of Theo’s books, The Lego Batman Visual Dictionary. I drove it around to the Little Free Library and left it there for one of the little super-heroes at Theo’s school to score on the way in to school tomorrow. I know it will be gone by the time I walk by in morning. And I know too, from past experience as a human, that some of my own powers should be restored by then, and I’ll send off that book manuscript…





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