November 19, 2015

My Giveaway today was unremarkable, uninteresting, uninspired. I dropped off an assortment of kitchen items at the school kitchen – a storage jar, some soap and a few spare utensils. On another day, I would be pretty disappointed with myself with such a weak Giveaway, but not today.

Today I sent my book manuscript off to my publisher. I have been writing this book for the last three months with the hope that it will shine some light on 25 artists who are creating extraordinary works of art by folding paper. For over five years now, I have been striving to bring the works of contemporary origami artists into art museums, where they can be given the attention they deserve alongside more traditional painters, sculptors, video and mixed-media artists. In the four exhibitions I have curated so far of origami art, their work has blown visitors away. Yet, there are no galleries representing these artists and very few art collectors who own their works. Very few origami artists can make a living doing what they do. I am hoping to change this, perhaps with this book.

So, sending my text to the publisher today felt good. With the book text however, I appear to have sent all my inspiration for the day. So kitchen items and soap will have to be enough for this blogpost, until tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.


Sparkle (2004) by Yuko Nishimura…


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