November 20, 2015

I’ve really got nothing interesting to say right now.

I spent most of today sorting through the hundreds of images that I have to prepare to send to the designer of my book. I have to make sure I have enough images in the right resolution to create a book that is visually rich and captivating and contact those artists who still hadn’t sent me enough pics. Selecting and sorting images isn’t as intellectually taxing as writing, but I think my brain decided the book was finished yesterday when I sent off the text. Now it’s a little numb. I went for a yoga class in the late afternoon in the hope of re-activating my brain, but I think I just tired my body out too. So, now that it’s time for my Giveaway and blog, I’ve got nothing interesting to say.


But I still had to give something away, so at 9pm, frustrated with my mental paralysis, I decided to just give away another book – a vintage Disney nature book that I’d had as a kid and had bought at a used bookstore out of pure nostalgia for our son Theo, who has shown no interest in it at all. I drove back to the Little Free Library. The staff of the restaurant across the street must wonder about the strange woman in the red Prius who shows up night after night pulling books out of the back of her car. But the books I’ve left are all gone, so someone wanted them. Thinking about this makes me feel a little less strange and a little more useful. Now, I think it’s time to stop trying to write and time to curl up in bed with a riveting book written by someone else on a day when they had something interesting to say…



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