December 3, 2015

Last night I gave away my little red Google dress. I’m calling it that because if anyone googles images of me, there are pictures of me wearing this dress! I’d had the dress made when my husband David and I were visiting Thailand nearly 13 years ago now. It still looked pretty good when the photo on Google was taken at a Buddhist exhibition opening in Westwood in 2008 – possibly the last time I wore the dress to an event. But it’s a bit it’s too tight for me now, and I’m not planning on losing more weight, so I decided to give it away to a friend. And not just a friend who would fit into it, but one who would look fabulous in it.

So last night, when I met with my dear friend Marina (see March 2, July 6) in a bar half way between our homes (she’s a Westsider and I’m an Eastsider, in LA terms), I gave the dress to her. If there’s anyone I know who can wear red well, it’s Marina. And it’s not because she’s a Russian by birth. Rather, it’s because of her dramatic coloring – her porcelain skin and dark hair are perfect with the color of blood – and because of her passion for life, which to me is exemplified by her taking up tango dancing in her forties. Red is Marina’s color. In fact, while we were talking, she glanced out of the window and suddenly gasped as a young woman in an elegant red coat walked past. So, after our drink we headed to the ladies’ restroom and Marina tried on the dress. I had been a little sad to give away the dress at first, but when I saw it on her, the sadness faded. Now, the silky red dress was getting a second chance to shine – and just in time for Christmas!


(Note: I’ve been giving away more than one item a day for the past few days – perhaps because we’re in the giving season or maybe because my giving project is close to its end. Technically, this gift was made yesterday, but I did give away some other items today – a gift bag full of relaxation-themed goodies – to a school staff member who is leaving, but the dress was more meaningful.)



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