December 11, 2015

With twenty days to go in this Giveaway project, I thought I would be scrambling to find things to give away, but alas, I am actually finding myself panicking that I am running out of days to get rid of all the stuff. This is causing some slightly erratic, nay desperate, behavior on my part.

For example, yesterday, when Rita was here cleaning the house (see February 5 and September 10), I found myself frantically rummaging through cupboards looking for things to give her. When I found out she shares my shoe size, I eagerly offered her my comfortable black boots (a friend had given me some new black boots the other day – more boots!) I also offered her a cardigan and then some jam jars and then I decided to give her a nice ceramic dish as a Christmas gift. Then this morning, I practically accosted Quincy (see January 14, June 19) on the walk to school and offered her some cobalt pigment that she and Sophie (see November 14) might be able to use in an art project. Then this evening, I forced our friend Jit (see March 28) to come back into our house after a fun evening out celebrating David’s birthday so that I could give him something – a book about wacky things to do in Los Angeles.


Yes, I have been getting a bit carried away with the idea that I need to give anything unnecessary away in the next twenty days. But really, the giving has become a major part of my daily life now, and I can’t imagine not doing it any more. And just because I reach the end of the year and of the blogging, it doesn’t mean I have to stop giving. So, with this thought in mind, I need to calm down a bit and focus on thoughtfulness and creativity   in my giving and writing for the last days of this year.


1 thought on “December 11, 2015

  1. Hi Meher,
    I was just reading a brief article in a seniors’ magazine, and the title was “Donner, c’est recevoir.” I’m sure you know the feeling after almost a year of “donner.” Have a great Christmas!


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