December 13, 2014

My husband’s best buddy’s a man called JD,

A big guy from Texas, who’s sweet as can be.

He’s a government inspector during the day,

But his true passions lie along the creative way.

Whether channelling the Big Lebowski’s “Dude,”

Or exploring photography – and he’s good,

He fills his life with culture and art

And poetry seems to most enrich his heart.


At those times when life challenges us hard,

We can find hope in the words of a bard.

Poets before us with a spark of creative fire

Have the power to hearten and inspire.


I gave JD a book of poetry by John Keats,

Whose poetry was just one of his creative feats.

He coined he phrase “negative capability,”

Meaning it’s ok to live in uncertainty.



I hope this little book will indeed inspire

JD to try to express his inner fire.

Sometimes, like this Romantic English poet,

We can write about the truth when we don’t really know it.




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