December 20, 2015

Every Holiday season, one of my favorite events is Priscilla and Nelson’s Holiday Open House. I have known Priscilla and Nelson for well over a decade, from my days at Pacific Asia Museum. Priscilla used to be a museum Board member, is a passionate and well-researched lover of Asian art; she is also a docent at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Nelson worked for many years in financial management and, around about the time I met them, was serving in Washington DC as an Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force.

Neither Priscilla nor Nelson ever sits still, as far as I can tell (even after Nelson had his hip surgeries). Their interests in art, aerospace and many other arenas, and their devotion to their family keep them moving in many directions, nationally and internationally. Priscilla and I bonded early over a common love of Japanese art, and we were even able to enjoy some time in Japan together. In the fall of 2011, when I traveled to Japan with my family, Priscilla and Nelson were there at the same time. Eager to make the most of this coincidence, we met up for a memorable afternoon and some delicious pastries in a French bakery in Kyoto.

Today, as I sat staring at their spectacular Christmas tree and looked around at the all the smiling friends sitting and standing around their beautiful home, I was filled with admiration for these friends who lead such dynamic, full, hard-working lives, yet still make time to open their home and celebrate the Holidays with their friends. What with bomb threats closing the schools last week, my catching and cold and trying to meet work deadlines before Winter Break started, I hadn’t managed to get into the Holiday Spirit. Today, I gave Priscilla a fun carved wooden trivet that turns into a pear-shaped fruit bowl – one they can perhaps use at one of their future parties. Thanks to Priscilla and Nelson’s warm and generous hospitality, today I was reminded of what the Holidays are about.



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