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February 28, 2015

Last year, before we moved back into our house, we held a couple of yard sales in order to get rid of as much as possible before we moved back into our house. At one of them, our friends joined in and sold some of their belongings, including a large squishy kid’s chair, which Theo proudly bought with some of the money he’d made selling his toys. I wasn’t thrilled to have another large object in our house, but he clearly enjoyed using it in his room in our rental house. When we moved back home, the chair didn’t fit into his new room, so it’s been living in the garage for a year.

This evening, I was returning a DVD to our local DVD rental store, Video Journeys, and found what I’m hoping will be a good home for the chair. Although we are signed up with Netflix, we want to support this store so it doesn’t meet the fate of the two other stores in our neighborhood that went out of business a few years ago. We like the staff there, as they are always friendly and give great recommendations for films when we’re stuck. So, when I was returning The Book Thief this evening, I looked over at the children’s section, where we have often lingered looking for a family friendly movie and noticed their tiny chairs. They looked like they needed a companion, so I asked if they’d like another one. The nice older man there explained that the manager wasn’t there but I could bring it over and leave it there with a note. So I rushed home, stuffed the chair in my car and drove it back to the store. I placed it in one corner, hoping that the manager would approve of this addition and left her a note and that it will be used by many of the mini movie makers growing up in our neighborhood.