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July 2, 2015

Earlier this week we had a shed installed in our back yard, which I am hoping to convert into a play area or camping hut. In order to install it, we had to cut back some trees, including a jade plant that seemed out of place sticking out of a bed of ivy. I cut a large section off the plant to clear the way for the shed and decided it replant it in another spot in the back yard, but yesterday I realized it looked awkward there. Then it hit me. I knew the perfect place for the plant. I cut it into sections that could each be planted individually, put them all in a plastic plant pot, which I loaded into my car. With my son Theo in town, I then headed for Atwater Village.

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June 21, 2015

On and off for the past few months I have been transplanting herbs from the garden into little pots and occasionally giving them as gifts to friends (like Jane on March 13) and leaving the occasional pot outside on the street for strangers to pick up. A few days ago and again today, I decided to leave some outside grocery stores. Sometimes it feels a bit like cheating to give away herbs like peppermint and rosemary because they both grow so abundantly in our garden. However, when I didn’t have a garden of my own, I would buy little pots of herbs to grow in my kitchen or on my little balcony, and with a bit of care, I could keep them alive for a while and use them in my food or for tea. So, by leaving them outside a store, I might make someone like my past self happy that they can save a couple of extra dollars on herbs.

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