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June 19, 2015

Since everyone is doing everything via social media these days, this evening I tried something new with my Giveaway and posted that I wanted to give away an advance copy of the book The American Plate: A Culinary History of the United States in 100 Bites by Libby H. O’Connell. I’d heard about the book on NPR and thought it sounded like a fascinating approach to the cultural history of the U.S., about which I had felt the need to learn much more. And it was indeed a tasty journey from succotash to gumbo to graham crackers – a wholesome health food that was invented in 1829 by a New Jersey minister, Sylvester Graham, to reduce unhealthy carnal urges, which he believed were the cause of many medical and social problems. I have a lot of friends on Facebook who love eating, growing and cooking food and often post about food, so I thought this forum would fit the giving away of such a book.

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