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August 24, 2015

My day had been going very well until this afternoon when I started feeling queasy then itchy and sneezy, and then I developed a strange tickly cough. Not sure what was going on and wondering if I’m maybe getting sick, I made a very simple dinner, readied myself for a lazy evening with my family in front of our new favorite tv show – Sherlock – and tried not to worry about my Giveaway. Surely, I would come up with something. I’d asked my husband David if he could go to the grocery store and pick up some food items we needed. He agreed to do so after the show. However, it was after 9pm when it finally finished, and I knew that I needed to come up with a Giveaway soon, so I rallied my strength and asked David to help put our son Theo to bed instead, while I went to our local Gelson’s to buy food. I headed off into the night hoping that the universe would help me, as it so often has with this giving project.

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