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October 24, 2015

Today, I stopped by the Boise Art Museum, which is hosting my Folding Paper origami exhibition. At the front desk, I met a friendly volunteer called John who was reading something very secretively under his desk. It turned out to be the Folding Paper catalog. He was a docent and wanted to learn all about the exhibition before he had to take visitors through it. I was tickled of course to find someone reading one of my publications so sneakily! I wandered around the other galleries exploring their other temporary exhibitions, which were beautifully laid out and showed a definite emphasis on material and craftsmanship. I really understood why they had been so keen to take this exhibition. I felt very impressed and honored to have an exhibition in this thoughtfully curated museum.

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July 9, 2015

Today I set off with my husband David, our son Theo and David’s dad Steve on a mini vacation up north to the Bay Area. We are driving most of the day and we won’t be seeing any friends or family this evening, so my Giveaway today was going to be a challenge. So, since I’m supposed to be on vacation, I decided to drop a book off at our local Little Free Library this morning before we set off to minimize anxiety and to make use of my time as we zoom up the Interstate 5 towards San Francisco, while David drives, Steve reads the paper and Theo watches a video of Iron Man.

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