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August 4, 2015

Over summer break, I don’t think our son Theo misses his friends. I scheduled playdates with most of them whenever they’re in town and available and although there are a couple who he doesn’t see much of, he seems fairly satisfied with the amount of playtime he has with his buddies. But I miss my friends! I have made lots of lovely friends among the fellow parents at his school, but not all of them are the parents of Theo’s closest friends, so when we break for summer, I don’t see some of these friends for the whole break. I miss being able to sit for a coffee and chat after drop-off with interesting, creative, funny grown-ups. Over the summer, because I’m at home a lot with Theo and his various playmates, I have too few in-depth conversations with articulate adults. I honestly believe that if it weren’t for all the writing I’ve been doing lately, I would losing my adult vocabulary. Undeniably. Indisputably. Irrevocably?

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