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May 1, 2015

I’ve been doing this Giveaway for about 120 days now. I’m about a third of the way along now, so I’d expect to be a pro at planning and executing my gifts, but even this far on in the project, I still manage to get to dinner time without having given anything away, and I had no great ideas. I could have given something away at school in the morning when I was there for Theo’s 4th grade performance at assembly, or at yoga class, which I was trying for the first time since I became ill. (I didn’t make it to the end of the class, alas.) I could have given something a couple of good friends who I met during the course of the day, but somehow it didn’t happen. I forgot to focus on giving.

So dinnertime was a mess. I was upset with David and Theo for spending so much time on screens and leaving me to make dinner, and when I told them that, they became upset with me, and after dinner headed straight back to their screens. So I got huffy and decided I needed a time out. I texted my friend, Jane, to see if she was free for a quick chat. She was with her family and some friends having a picnic. She invited me to stop by but said to bring a sweater because it was cold. That was it! I had a couple of sweaters on a pile in the bedroom so I grabbed them and headed out the door, telling Jane I was bringing them along and letting David and Theo know I’d be back soon. When I got to the park where the group was picnicking, I spotted Jane and her husband Max sitting with two friends. Their kids were all running around playing with a friend’s pet rabbits that were hopping around in the clover. I joined them on their blanket and Jane introduced me to Zach and Sara, who I’d seen before but didn’t know. I explained that I was having a bit of a grumpy mum moment and needed a break, and Jane explained my Giveaway project. I brought out my sweaters and Jane, who was getting cold, tried on a brownish one. It fit well and looked nice, so she took that one. I offered Sara, who I’d just met, the green one, and she tried it on. It looked great. “You don’t know how happy I am right now!” she exclaimed, making me even happier. I stayed for a while longer until it was dark and it was time for us all to head home. By the time I got home, all three of us were in a much better mood. The sweaters were my Giveaway and I was glad they found good homes, but sometimes a bit of space can be a valuable gift too, for all concerned.