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September 30, 2015

Over a decade ago, my husband David and I traveled to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It was an amazing trip, full of beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples and ruins, like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in Thailand and Angkor in Cambodia, and spectacular landscapes like Halong Bay in Vietnam. We ate the most delicious food, battled with the craziest traffic (the rule was “don’t look when you cross the road – just cross!”) and even toured some of the region’s hospitals looking for rabies shots after a dog in Bangkok bit me unexpectedly in the leg. Out two weeks there were certainly full of adventure. They were also full of shopping. Things were cheap and beautiful so we went a bit mad. Textiles, ceramics, lacquer and paintings – I remember we actually had to buy a new duffle bag to get everything home. One of the most exotic things I bought was a pair of orange wraparound silk pants. I wore them a couple of times to parties and museum events when I worked at Pacific Asia Museum and enjoyed the way they shimmer and swish about when I walk. However, I don’t have much opportunity to wear such pants these days so this year, I’d been wondering who I might give them too. A dancer maybe? But I don’t know many of those, and they wouldn’t work on just any dancer…

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September 19, 2015

It’s amazing the connections you can find with people once you start an open, honest conversation. Our son Theo has started playing soccer on Saturdays, and though I love the fact that he is out running around learning a sport with a team of kids, I don’t always enjoy sitting in the heat of the afternoon inhaling Astroturf fumes while the kids do their warm ups. This was what I was thinking today when one of his teammate’s mother, Krissy greeted me with a big smile. I was feeling cranky about the heat and wasn’t able to hide it when she asked how I was doing. We started talking about how every year the heat in September takes us by surprise and then we fell into a conversation about living in cooler climes. When I told her I’d been brought up in Scotland and then Canada so was used to the cold, she sympathized with my low heat tolerance, but it was when I told her I’d also lived in Japan that we really connected.

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