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October 25, 2015

During my trip to Idaho this weekend with my family, we enjoyed good friends, exquisite art, delicious food and the great outdoors. An unexpected theme of the trip, however, was the books some of us were starting and finishing over the weekend. Our son Theo has been so caught up in reading his Land of Stories book series that for the first time on one of our trips I felt a little sorry for his electronic devices because they were rarely pulled out of his luggage. Instead, Theo snatched every chance he could get to race to the end of Book 2 in the series, reading it hungrily, only stopping to giggle at certain parts and explain his favorite moments to us. This morning he excitedly (and proudly) began Book 3. What was even more surprising than Theo’s newfound love of reading was that during some downtime yesterday, he asked to borrow my laptop and began Chapter 1 of the book he has been planning to write for the last couple of weeks – apparently the first in his own fantasy book series. He is not a fast typist, but he managed to write the first draft of the first page, which to me was highly commendable. I have never dared to even try to write the first page of a novel!

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