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July 13, 2015

This afternoon, after a long drive down through California, we’re arrived back home safely after a short but very sweet trip full of lovely places and even lovelier people. My brother, the photographer who lives most of the time in Thailand, but sometimes in Nepal, sometimes, South Africa, sometimes Morocco and occasionally Cambridge, was house- and cat-sitting for us while we were in the Bay Area. He wisely headed out for a bike ride as we clattered in through the front door, greeted the cats and then spread ourselves all over the house.

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July 9, 2015

Today I set off with my husband David, our son Theo and David’s dad Steve on a mini vacation up north to the Bay Area. We are driving most of the day and we won’t be seeing any friends or family this evening, so my Giveaway today was going to be a challenge. So, since I’m supposed to be on vacation, I decided to drop a book off at our local Little Free Library this morning before we set off to minimize anxiety and to make use of my time as we zoom up the Interstate 5 towards San Francisco, while David drives, Steve reads the paper and Theo watches a video of Iron Man.

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