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June 23, 2015

Today, I gave a lecture on the West Side of LA, and raced back across town to relieve my brother Alan, who is visiting for a while, from his duties looking after our son, Theo, while I was out. I had promised to stop by our video rental store on my way home to pick up a Pokemon DVD for Theo and his friend to watch for the rest of the afternoon. I was tired and ready to flop and, by the time I was just a couple of blocks from home, I’d convinced myself that I’d go home first and then ask him if he really needed to see that film – again! But at the last minute I decided I needed to keep my promise and pick up the DVD. It would only take a couple of minutes. I parked in the lot beside the video store, and since it was hot outside, I grabbed the Japanese paper fan I had brought in the car with me, thinking that I might meet someone along the way I could give it to, thus completing my Giveaway for today. Maybe the rough looking dude standing in front of the ice machine? Maybe the young woman asleep on the bench outside the Laundromat? No, they didn’t feel right…

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