On October 5, 2012, we had a house fire. My husband, 7-year old son and I were out at the time and the firefighters saved our cat, but nevertheless, our lives were severely disrupted as we had to find a new home to live in while our house was rebuilt. The fire had been in the garage and laundry room where we stored extra art, clothing, sports gear, baby clothes, Christmas decorations and the like. Most of those we lost. But our furniture and possessions were merely smoke-damaged, and the insurance paid to have them cleaned, boxed or bagged and returned to us in our rental house. There were literally hundreds of boxes of books, papers, toys and kitchen wares, and pile upon pile of clothes. It struck me then that even though we had lost a lot in the fire, we still had way too much stuff.

I have always tried to live fairly simply, but our culture drives us to consume. I am as guilty as anyone of acquiring too much, often to make myself feel better or look better, or because the new thing will make my life simpler somehow. Right after the fire, I decided we had to reduce our stuff before we moved back to our home. We gave away clothes to our local thrift store and held two yard sales. After moving back and unpacking (again!) we had another yard sale. Yet, in the time since we moved back in, the house has become cluttered again.

So this year, 2015, I am vowing not only to buy less but also to choose something to give away to a person or organization every day, and to blog about the process. And because I am not simply getting rid of things but gifting them, I want to do so thoughtfully, honoring the objects I have owned and the people to whom I am giving them. I hope that through the process of giving things, I will shift my focus from the stuff in my life to the people. This is My Daily Giveaway.

Meher McArthur, Los Angeles, January 1, 2015


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  1. Good on you, Meher! I sold the big family home last year and downsized into a much smaller house. Shedding 17 years of accumulated ‘stuff’ was liberating, although it took about 12 months to sort through. I look forward to reading about your journey.

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  2. This is such a great idea, Meher. I can’t promise to do it every day but I’ll try to follow your example. And I promise not give too much of it to you!!! Xxx

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  3. Meher, our love for fine art and its history inevitably makes us collectors, I think. I have collected precious objects, thinking that I shall pass them to my children along with the stories to go with them. However, we were not blessed with a child. Therefore, few years ago, I started to look through my cases and one by one share my “treasures” and memories with my dear ones, whom I consider as my family. It is still hard to part with many things, mainly because of the memories and emotions that they bring back when I hold them.

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  4. Meher, you brought me to tears a few times…beautiful writing and what a wonderful idea! When you give you get so much back in return. I wish more people understood that. A truly uplifting journey I’m looking forward to following!

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  5. Meher, what a great idea and such lovely execution! As a professional organizer I see many clients who need help letting go of things that they do not need—things that, in fact, can get in the way of their everyday lives. Your blog will be just the nudge that many people need.

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    1. Thank you, Marcie. Please feel free to share it with them. Sometimes, getting rid of clutter can be intimidating. Doing it one day at a time can be much easier and actually enjoyable.

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  6. I was so inspired when I learned of your blog that I started chronicling on Instagram my process of relieving my family of our excessive belongings as well. We were already doing it but not as quickly as I would have liked. I’m now held to my word by having to post an image every day. What an inspiration your blog is!

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    1. Alexandra,

      I am thrilled to hear that my blog inspired you! It really makes a difference making that commitment. Some days it’s easy to give stuff away; others are way more challenging. I wish you all the best with your giveaway project too. Thanks so much for sharing.


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