January 14, 2015

I’ve never been sure of my own style. I am torn between wanting to be hip and fashionable, glamorous and elegant, sleek and sporty. I don’t have enough faith in my own personal style to know what will look best on me, so I often buy clothes, shoes and cosmetics that I hope will work, but I know deep down will look a bit odd. Then they sit in the closet, looking neglected. Some recent examples of my wishful style thinking with clothes are a camel-colored sweater – this color has never worked with my complexion; loose, colorful tops – baggy has never flattered my body type; chunky, wedgy shoes – they look cool, but they are too hip for the rest of my clothes! Some of these clothes will no doubt be banished from my closet in coming months.


However, today, I started small and parted with some glittery pink nail polish. I have had some success with glitter on my toes before, but for some reason this particular concoction didn’t work. I found the perfect person to give it too – my friend Quincy, who embraces glitter, sprinkles and all types of fairy dust. One of my most artistic friends, Quincy bakes beautiful cakes and cookies, makes numerous artistic projects with her daughter, and dresses in flowing, colorful outfits that suggest creativity and magic. She has such confidence in her style that she has a solar system of stars and moons tattooed on her arm and shoulders. The nail polish may not work on my toes, but it will be dazzling on hers. This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have fun playing with my style, but after many years of experience putting on clothes and painting myself with polish and make-up, I really know what works on me and what doesn’t, so I should trust in my own instincts, rather than hoping that something will look good on me because it looks good on others. That makes a true sense of style – and one that doesn’t lead to wasteful purchases.


1 thought on “January 14, 2015

  1. Of all the people i know, you seem to be one who has a distinct fashion sense! Just goes to show that we always assume others know what they’re doing more than we do ourselves! I have ALWAYS had trouble deciding what my “style” is. Only now, at 65 and retired, have I started to feel comfortable with what I’m wearing! A little late in the game, but who cares? And you always look divine, as far as I can see!


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