July 3, 2015

I have only got to know Ami recently. Her daughter and my son Theo attend the same elementary school, and although they are two grades apart, they attended the same art class on Sundays for a while and art camp last summer. Over the last school year, Ami and I talked a few times over coffee mainly about art classes and her dream of creating an art non-profit organization. It quickly became clear to me that she is a passionate, intelligent and creative person who gets things done, and I shared some thoughts with her based on my experience in the art world and with non-profits. Over the course of our chats, I learned that Ami is a filmmaker and tv writer and director, and in her work has covered some very serious topics. Her film Texas Killing Fields (2011) was inspired by true stories of the serial murders of women in Texas and the dumping of their bodies in an area between Houston and Galveston. Recently she had been working on a project with a much lighter theme – a romance between a travelling musician and a former singer called Jackie & Ryan. It was due to be released in July, so Ami has been on my mind lately.

Today because my husband David was home from work, I was able to take my regular Friday morning yoga class, and Ami was there. After class, as we were rolling up our mats, I asked her how she was and what day her film was coming out. She smiled and said, “It’s today actually.” She was planning to see it with her family in the evening in a theater in Beverly Hills. Her daughter, she told me, was looking forward to sitting with some popcorn and watching her mom’s movie. Ami seemed excited but in a reserved way. I know I am always anxious when my exhibitions open, and even if I am pleased with how they turn out, I can’t feel confident and happy until I have seen people enjoying it. I imagine she must be feeling something like that but even more so with a film coming out.

Another fact I had learned from Ami in our chats was that we have the same shoe size – a 6. I think I discovered that when she was wearing some nice-looking shoes and I was admiring them. Today I confirmed her size and then hurried home and popped a pair of brown suede sling-back pumps that I love but never wear into a bag with a note and drove over to her home to drop them off. I hope they fit and she likes them, as I think they would look very sharp on her. But I know that shoes can be tricky (and am happy to trade them for something else if they don’t work out, Ami!). But much more than this, I hope that as she sat watching her own film this evening with her family and an audience of strangers, she was able to feel satisfied and proud of her work. The film has a tender story with music, romance and train hopping, and it has been getting some very good reviews. And it’s a film created by a friend. Forget the fireworks, I know what we’ll be doing this weekend…



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