October 6, 2015

I am probably way behind the times with this, but last week I finally started to use Google Calendar. I work from home and have a paper calendar stuck to my wall beside my desk for years. I write all my appointments on this. I have a Filofax (remember those?) in my purse containing a paper calendar, which I rarely use (because I filled out the one on the wall!) and then I wonder why I sometimes forget appointments! I have had a smart phone for a couple of years now, so the obvious question is, “Why haven’t I used a calendar app on my phone?” Well, I did try that once but didn’t like having to input information into my phone and so gave up on it. Last week, though, after spacing out on Theo’s piano lesson and making his teacher wait for 15 minutes while we rushed home from a spontaneous errand, I decided it was time to go digital with my calendar. So, now I input everything on my laptop, sync it onto my phone and get beeping reminders just before each event or appointment. I can have everything on my phone now! Why didn’t I do this before??? I guess I needed to hit scheduling rock bottom to make the shift.


So, today I decided to give away the 2016 calendar I had been saving in my desk to stick up on my wall next year. I also had an extra Filofax that I had picked up at a yard sale to replace the tattered old one I have been using for years. However, the new one is slightly too big for my small handbags (see September 10), and since I am all groovy and digital now, I will never need it. So, I dropped off the calendar and Filofax in the Little Free Library, and prayed to myself that I never lose my phone!


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